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Kapeller Violins, LLC was founded in 1978 by Stephen Kapeller. Mr. Kapeller had an interest in instrument repair from his student experience with a luthier in Orange, NJ. His training included several years of study under Karl Roy, Hans Nebel, Arnold Bone and William Salchow. Mr. Kapeller studied cello with Ed Szabo and William Stokking at Rowan University and with Aldo Parisot at Yale. Mr. Kapeller had a long teaching career, directed the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra Program and played with the Richmond Symphony for thirty years.

Our Philosophy - It is our goal to use our experience and expertise to help our customers, whether aspiring, novice, experienced amateur, or professional musicians. We will offer information to assist those requiring guidance in a string instrument purchase or repair. We strive to ensure that we have given the time and attention that each customer deserves, and to know that at the end of each day, we have done our best.


Brittany Elaine Leeper has joined our shop after working for the well-known Johnson String Instrument in Boston. She previously trained in violin repair at Indiana University under Thomas G. Sparks, graduating in July 2014, and was employed under his direction at the IU Violin Shop.
Ms. Leeper also has a background as a cellist, having toured with the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic as Principal Cellist. She is an avid cyclist, offering her skills and knowledge in repair through community projects.





Jane Kapeller is responsible for general management of the shop, and for helping customers. Mrs. Kapeller studied violin in New York City with Sally Thomas and Ivan Galamian and at Indiana University with Tadeus Wronski and Joseph Gingold. She played professionally for twenty-five years.


Cleo 1998 - 2009 and Bruno 2000 - 2014

Many of you have visited our shop and met our canine staff: Cleo, a Standard Poodle and Bruno, our rescued Swiss Mountain mix. Although we have sadly lost both of them, they remain an integal part of our history, and we treasure their memories .



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